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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Job stuff again and some others

So my last bosses decided that I should leave a week early. So I was a SAHM mom for a week- for those of you that do this full time...HOLY COW!!! This is so much harder than working outside the home- I don't think I have worked this hard in YEARS! lol Was cool to spend a week off with the kids- Garrett was even here with us this week. My new job starts tomorrow and I am soooooo nervous!

Yesterday I finally broke down after a week and told Cory I HAD to go to the ER for my foot. My right big toe and down the side of my foot hurt so bad I could hardly walk- I handled it for a week then needed to go. He laughed at me because I had just been off for a week and he had been off for 2 days and I pick the day he goes back to work after his weekend to go in...oops
:-( They gave me some meds(just one dose) for the inflamation and told me to also take Motrin and Aleve. AND no heels on my first day of work tomorrow. :-(

Kids are all ready for Halloween. We have started decorating for what seems like an on going this for the next few months...just change them out until January KWIM? Maureen is going to be a baby, Maddie a princess (big surpise huh?) and Garrett a Power Ranger (also really no big surprise). Garrett's mom is coming to trick or treat with us- the kids love that! And this year instead of heading to the base we'll do it here in our neighborhood.

Cory and I bought cheap ($10) tickets to the B & D, Sugarland, Jack Ingram concert last week. What a blast! This weekend is his birthday party- should be so much fun some of our friends and us are going out. Then he won off the radio dinner for two and Dixie Chicks tickets on Nov. 11th. So we're going to make a night of it- Emerald Queen and McCabes here we come! Anyway I guess that is all going on here.


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