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Saturday, November 11, 2006

about time!!!!???

My new job is great. The people are so nice and the work is pretty easy. Really just imputing data. Then if I can't figure out from the computer where something goes I have to go look on the big maps upstairs. It's like being a detective! My real estate training really comes in handy sometimes- okay alot!!! My commute is about 10-15 minutes and that is so cool cause I can come home and put the princess on the bus,

Cory is done with FTO and is now on his own! He has all his stuff and his car is set up. He's still having a blast and I am still dealing with the change of being a cop's wife somedays- like those days when he is late getting home because someone tries to run him over! The cop thing makes him happy though and since I love him so much and thats what I want for him to be it makes me happy too even if I am concerned sometimes.

The kids are doing great. Maureen and Madeline love their school. Garrett's new daycare, not that he goes that often since he is usually home with his dad or I, is wonderful. His DC provider has a daughter about his age and he seems to love it there. They planted flowers last week. Conferences for the girls were last week and they are both doing wonderfully in school. They both still have talking issues and I wonder so much where they get that??!!! Oh yeah I know- from me!!!! Maureen is getting her tonsils out at the end of the month- they really have been bothering her. She does band and we're going to put them back in dance and then next week she's going to start choir! Busy busy busy. They are growing up too fast!

I guess thats it here. Date night is tonight although it got trimmed down since my foot is still messed up so no dancing at McCabes for me! But some alone time with my sweetie will be great!


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