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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Aiden...Oh I am so bad!

Today Aiden is a month old! His birth story follows. He is a super good eater (like eats constantly!!!) and has gained 3 lbs as of the last dr appt- but I bet it is more like 5 by now.

Pics of him yesterday and at birth
Birth Story
We checked in at noonish. They (without knowing) put us in the room next door to our friend that was in labor. C and I got all set up and the nurse came in. She told me they were really busy and since they could control MY labor we were going to "take it slow". Okay. Oh and she was pregnant- due the day before me- joked she needed some hypertension and gestational diabetes! lol

So they hooked us up and watched the contractions I was already having and tried to convince me they weren't BH...they may not have been but they were 10 minutes apart and didn't hurt at all...we would have been at that a week. A friend of mine came over to help C out if things got crazy. At about 1:30 they hung the antibiotics I needed since I also had group B step. About 2 we started the pitocin. The dr came over from her office at about 3:30 and checked me and then said "do you mind if I break the water?" okay so this hurt with Maddie so I thought YES I mind but said "No that would be fine" since I knew it would move things right along. So she did and while she was there she mentioned she was a little upset they had sort of went too slow- she wanted it done. Then she leaves. Nurse comes back in about 4:30 and says..."we are going to turn down the pit since things are crazy out here today" and we mentioned Dr had broke my water. OMG the look on the nurses face was hilarious! She had no idea. I ask if I can get up to walk and she says not on the pit but they could turn it off and then she says she thinks I can eat! We go for a walk and I check in with my friend. Got back to my room and Dr comes in...I tell her I am uncomfortable and ready for the epidural. She says okay but eat first. So I get some broth, jello and apple sauce. So I eat while I wait for the guy to come do the epi. Breathing through the contractions- they are painful but not terrible. Get the epi about 7 and from then on all is good! My normal dr goes home and one of her partners comes on- I know him so this is not a big deal. About 9:30 I feel sick and am holding a bag just in case when he comes in. He says "you feel sick?" I said yes. Then he kind of happy dances and says "Oh good. I mean sorry you don't feel well" then turns and walks out. Dh says "what was that about" I said "I think it is transition." They checked and I was 8 so we just had to wait until I was 10- that was at 11pm. So then we did a few practice pushes to see where he was and he had moved up a bit. So I did that 2 times. Then had 3 real good pushes and he was here. At 11:17 October 6th. And he was TINY! 6lbs 15 oz. So much for all that "don't have newborn clothes" and "he will be over 8 lbs" Of course all of those things are going through my head while I am pushing and I am just repeating in my head "please don't be 10lbs" After he was born they laid him on my chest and he cried. and I cried. and C came close to crying. Then they took him to do his tests and then gave him back to nurse. Which he did- wonderfully. Then they bathed him, moved us, and we got some sleep!


  • At 1:47 AM, Blogger Jennifer said…

    Congratulations!!! He's precious!

  • At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Sirena said…

    He looks so funny in the 2nd pic like he's going to punch the camera out of your hand! ;) Glad our babies can share a birth day! It was nice having someone we knew in the hospital recovering at the same time. =)


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