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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life here..

So other than the video of A it has been awhile and I thought I should Blog. The kids are all doing great.

Aiden is the BEST baby. So good in fact we asked the dr if he was okay! lol He is now almost 4 months old and is consistantly Sleeping through the night from about 9pm-5am. He gets up and eats and goes right back down until I get him up at 7:30am when we start our day.

Madeline is doing well in school. Still having some reading issues but we are working on that. And she is BRILLIANT when it comes to math so maybe that makes up for it? She starts swimming next week. Lessons. I hope it helps her with her confidence in the water.

Garrett is doing very well in school as well. No behavior issues at all! Listens to the teacher and learns very easily. He is wrestling right now and starts baseball on the spring.

Maureen is doing okay in school- mostly this is an age thing. She doesn't WANT to do she doesn't. She is working on it though (after losing a few big girl toys- cell phone!) She loves to hold Aiden and play with him and she is so good with him and really a HUGE help.

Cory and I are good. We have two trips planned together soon. One with the baby and one all alone- Cory's mom is coming to keep the kids- THANK YOU!!! Hopfully Aiden will be good for his Nanna. And Petra will keep the girls when we take the baby to Maryland with us. I want to see my Mommom and have her meet my husband and see my son. We will stay with Erin and Jeff and I am sure will have a blast!

This Stay at home mom thing is good for trips and good for Aiden but I am occasionally bored out of my mind!!! I love being with them but sometimes I am so happy on my one day at work!!

I will post some newer pics of the kids- Christmas maybe- soon.


  • At 7:01 PM, Blogger CraftyLzrd said…

    OMG!!!! David is the same way with his school work right now! UGH! I sure hope they outgrow it! I didn't have this sort of trouble with Devon I don't think, though to be honest, if I did I have probably blocked it out! *giggle*


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