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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our life right now!!

So life is good. We've closed on the house. The kids love their purple, pink and blue rooms. We love the fact that our room is twice as big here....don't know what we need that space for...hmmm maybe I should chase him around the bed? Won't work since he wants to be caught! shucks! lol Can't wait for everyone to see the new house- party soon I promise!

Lets see the kids... They are good. Love the huge park near the new house. Working on teaching Boo to ride her stupid bike. It is not working- any advice is appriciated. I didn't deal with this with M so I have no idea (she taught herself in like an hour) and G took like 3 trips with us then had it all by himself. Boo seems to want me to push her forever....I can use the running but dang!!! lol Both girls still do dance. Recital is in June- they will be so cute. M still does Band and Choir and school and is so good at it! G is looving baseball and hits without the T I would guess like 90% of the time. All of us try and go to as many games as we can. Too cute. He can catch and throw very well too.

C is still loving his job...I think he was made for this. Almost done training- breaking his foot really slowed that process down. I don't worry about him too much- just a bit.

My job is still going well. Not too much to say there. I try to cook as much as I can since I like it so much. I miss doing it more.

We're going to Lincoln City, Oregon to the beach for our anniversary next month. I can not believe it has been a year. I want to try and find one of those glass balls on the beach and just relax...the hot tub is calling me!!!

I guess thats about it.


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