Family News

Friday, April 25, 2008

For those of you that don't know......

It's a boy!!!!!!!!!

Come the fall we will be welcoming our son Aiden Jacob into our family.

Here are some pics..hope you "get" them...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge

We took the kids here this past weekend. Indoor water park pretty close to the house. You have to stay at the hotel to use the park so that part kind of sucked. Water park was good and the kids had a blast. I would have been thrilled at the whole thing had it only cost us half of what we paid! lol

Garrett on the water slide!

Maureen and Maddie on the slide.


For anyone who doesn't know C and I are expecting a baby in October. We are due the 21st but hoping for at least the first week of October with my "stuff". I would love to have a stress free calm birth with walking, showers and rocking chairs but I doubt I will get any of that. I am big already- I guess once you have done this a few times it happens faster! LMBO! I feel slight movement occasionally but no kicking or such yet. We would love a boy but would be happy with a healthy baby and already have a boy name settled on, the girl name is another matter. We have the first name...yet to fall in love with anything to go with it. For those of you that care...I am not sick at all and feel wonderful if a little tired. I sleep 10+ hours a night and still fall asleep at my desk sometimes. Considering how SICK SICK SICK I was the entire time with the girls this is wonderful.

This first picture was the 27th of March

This picture was April 16, 2008